Little Knowledge About Dragonfly

According to wikipedia,  in the United States dragonflies and damselflies are sought out as a hobby similar to birding and butterflying, known as oding, from the dragonfly's Latin species name, odonata. Oding is especially popular in Texas, where a total of 225 species of odonates in the world have been observed. With care, dragonflies can be handled and released by oders, like butterflies.

Images of dragonflies are common in Art Nouveau, especially in jewelry designs.  They also appear in posters by modern artists such as Maeve Harris.  They have also been used as a decorative motif on fabrics and home furnishings.

I Frogee baby products use dragonfly brocade as one of the main patterns and all these products have been admired by thousands of consumers.

  • Diaper Bags
maroon dragonfly dipaer bag Black dragonfly diaper bag Silver dragonfly diaper bag
IFD02 Maroon IFD03 Black IFD04 Silver
Bean green dragonfly diaper bags Antiq gold dragonfly diaper bags Baby Blue Dragonfly Diaper Bags
IFD05 Bean Green IFD06 Antique Gold IFD07 Baby Blue
Dark red dragonfly diaper bag Light pink dragonfly diaper bags Light purple dragonfly diaper bags
IFD08 Dark Red IFD09 Light Pink IFD10 Light Purple
Olive green dragonfly diaper bags Teal dragonfly diaper bags Hot Pink Dragonfly Diaper Bags
IFD22 Olive Green IFD23 Teal IFD32 Hot Pink
Dark blue dragonfly diaper bags Chocolate dragonfly diaper bags Sky Blue Dragonfly Diaper Bags
IFD38 Dark Blue IFD40 Chocolate IFD44 Sky Blue


  • Dragonfly Brocade

Chocolate Brown Dragonfly Brocade

Light Blue Dragonfly Brocade

Light Pink Dragonfly Brocade

Light Purple Dragonfly Brocade

Silver Dragonfly Brocade